Meet Renae Watts, Manager of Grooming Salon

Renae Watts (Aune) Renae has always loved animals, all of them! Creepy crawlies to feathered to scaled and of course furry. She carried that love with her into adult hood and graduated from NDSU with a BS in Veterinary Technology and Large Animal/Fine Arts minors.

While in college she always worked 2 jobs: 1 at a vet clinic preparing to be a tech, and 2 at a doggy daycare. Over the years she learned that she enjoyed the Daycare job more, and while she loved the knowledge of being a vet tech, knew that wasn’t her field of choice.

She got the opportunity to attend grooming school in Loveland, CO under the tutelage of Jennie Smith, a Nationally Certified Master Groomer. She learned not only proper grooming and bathing techniques, but that there was a whole new world of grooming above and beyond the quality of many places. Grooming was much more than “just shaving dogs” to Renae, it was an art, a science, and a bonding time with animals she loved.

She learned about Grooming certifications and competitions, grooming expos and seminars. Heck! There is even a Groom Team USA that you can get on and compete Globally if you’re good enough! She learned about skin and hair coat care, about corrective grooming and pattern placement about handling of dogs who are geriatric or injured. She learned that you should NEVER stop improving yourself to be at the top of your game and provide the best care for your furry clientele and their owners.

Renae has an impressive list of accomplishments and certifications that she strives to continue improving always.

These include:
*Attending over 30 national Grooming Expos and private Seminars across the US since 2011
*Competing and Placing in several local and national grooming competitions
*Attaining her certification as a Canine Esthetician for Skin and Coat
*Attaining her Certification as a Master Groomer in Sporting and Non‐Sporting breeds *Working towards her remaining Nationally Certified Master Groomer certifications
*Being a member of National Dog Groomers Association of America
*Pet CPR/First Aid certified
*AKC Salon S.A.F.E certified
*Owning and operating her own successful Mobile Grooming Salon for 5 years
*Teaching other groomers to succeed in small weekend seminars

She is busy at home with 4 dogs, 3 bearded Dragons, 1 Russian Tortoise, 1 uromastyx, 2 fish tanks and a wonderful husband. If she has free time she enjoys drawing and painting or playing some videogames.